American Sniper vs. Isis

Islamic state or Isis has been trending for quite a while in the web or say in people mind. Isis with their agenda of creating an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East has captured the imagination of some section of people from the Islamic world or we can say the whole world. Every time when we hear about Isis acts of barbarism like beheadings or destruction of historical artifacts; one is forced to wonder what motivates such extreme behavior or to say precisely what demotivates them from living a peaceful and prosperous life like others are living.

The other big thing that happened last year was the release of “American Sniper”, a biographical war drama of Chris Kyle; the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. Played by Bradley Cooper and directed by one of the well-known faces of Hollywood, Clint Eastwood. With the whole controversy surrounding the character of the movie and with unverified claims of sniping more than 160 kills, the picture gives us an intriguing sense of what is happening in the mind set of ordinary Americans. After watching American Sniper, people with awareness will realized that we are sheep, we can be pushed anywhere and everywhere.

Clint Eastwood has directed a movie with an intriguing question of patriotism. The movie has 9/11 as its backdrop. The question that comes in mind after watching this movie “Are we living in an illusion”. There is a theory in psychology that states; if you repeat things for 21 days it becomes a habit. The news of terrorists attack on Charlie Hebdo has reaffirmed this theory again. The attacks of 9/11 had proved this theory. Islam equals to terrorisms was feed for 21days any we have the consequence. We all know of media choosing selective stories, the news of east is different from west.

There is this thing called “the good vs. the evil” which is feed in our minds. For centuries this feelings have been exploited; someone’s freedom fighter can be terrorists to someone else; in reality the fact is there are no heroes and villains, but only humans. The world has too many sheep, with few shepherds; but the problem is not with the sheep or the shepherds but with the wannabe sheep.

American Sniper hits a common illusion “America is under attack”. There is a common delusion of American, that there country has enemies; the citizens needs to take up arms to protect their family from the so called enemies and vice versa on the other hand the people from the middle east and other countries think America is there common enemy. It is not people from other country but their own government’s policies which are their worst enemies; it is not a man from Texas who is illusioned by the attacks of 9/11 or the Iraqi shopkeeper who took up arms to fight foreign invasions, but the government foreign policies which are their worst enemies.

If you look at any society, you see a common thread; people love their family, friends and their country; and it is these feeling that are exploited. There is no difference between a soldier of America and the insurgent of Iraq; they suffer from the common illusion of inorganic patriotism. We have to realize that it is not the people that we have to fight but their illusions. American sniper is a good movie; it gives an insight of the lives of American soldiers, post war trauma, depression and their fight to get back to life.


Gospel of Judas

In every religion there is a universal concept of fate, predestination, karma, qadar. The concept has been debated throughout history with free will. It is ambiguous with two paths or answers; do we create our fate or god has pre planned everything; should we take it as god’s will or shall we try to change it. Religious scriptures tell us to accept outcomes as will of God; on the other hand the same scriptures tell us that God helps those who help themselves. It is a controversial concept with multiple views.

Judas Iscariot is a cult figure, a real villain of history. When we hear the story of Jesus Christ, we are intrigued by the character of Judas Iscariot. He was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ and one of his trusted friends. In contrast to the history which paints Judas as a betrayer of Christ who delivered him up to the authorities for crucifixion in exchange for money, the Gospel of Judas portrays Judas’s actions as done in obedience to instructions given by Christ.

Jesus Christ came to earth with a task, with a script in his hand; a play where he was the protagonist. He was here to show us the might of God and the vulnerabilities of us mere humans. The play had supporting actors and Judas was one of them. Jesus Christ as a protagonist perfected his role, in the same way Judas played his role as a discpile, friend and a betrayer. He portrayed the role of a villain with perfection; and to prove it, we still hate him.

Was Judas Iscariot trying to carry out the will of God, was it predestined or was it his random evil thought. Judas Iscariot committed suicide; he was one of the first people in recorded history who had committed suicide. A suicide is a step not committed by happy people, but by depressed souls. It is fascinating how we humans create heroes and villains out of history. The fact is we are too cruel to the villains of history. We have to agree to the fact that each and every human has a script to play, whether good or bad; and God has given us the free will to tweak with the script.

Earth on Heaven

Few years back, I asked one of my friends what would happen on Judgement day, he replied “the good will go to heaven and the bad will go to hell, there will be no rich no poor, there will be no hunger, everyone will be equal in god palace”. I asked further whether we will know each other, and what if I go to hell and you go to heaven. He explained the afterlife; no one will remember anything, we will be individuals, devoid of pain, hunger and love.

I heard this song by Eric Clapton “Tears in Heaven”, when I was a kid in school. Eric Clapton and Will Jennings wrote this song for the 1991 Rush film soundtrack. The song was written about the pain and loss Clapton felt following the death of his four-year-old son. The song was played at a school function and at that moment the song was not clear to me, it was just a song. But now whenever I hear this song, it provokes me to question the philosophies of afterlife and after earth.

Our earth life is better; at least we are curious and inventing, discovering and wandering to the unknown. We have families and friends, who always care for us, long for us. And in spite of all the evils that are happening in this present world, we still have enough time and space for good things to happen. It is a pity for people, who spend their lives in materialistic dreams, running after money, not spending time with their families and friends. Our universe is full of mysteries and unlocking these mysteries will give purpose to our lives.  Life is unpredictable and it is this virtue of life that makes it worth living.

PS- What if on judgement day, God said “you are punk`d!”

The other religion

Many a time the word “Religion” has pushed me to think and question; why there is this concept of religion, how it came into being and why so much feeling is associated with it. If you look at all the philosophies of religions, you would find a common thread; it’s a guide. Whenever intellectuals found that the society was moving to degradation, extinction; Religion as an ideas was popped up.
Religion is personal and it cannot be preached; knowledge doesn’t come to the seeker, the seeker has to search for knowledge. With conversions and force feeding beliefs, we are creating breeds not seekers of spiritual enlightenment. The main problem with all religion is that it was written by people, and everything that is in earth is mortal, imperfect. It would really be exciting to know at what state of mind were the religious books written. When holy scriptures were written, there were some visions of the future, but not up to the scale of internet and globalization; as a result, religion has clashed with culture. At one side it has given religious identity to the people and on the other side it has taken their cultural identity. We can see and hear about many tribal cultures becoming extinct after coming in contact with religion.

                                           Religion teaches us love, respect and tolerance; which is not happening in our current world. Yes, we humans are social animals and we like to do things in congregation; but with the idea of connecting to God, it is personal and it depends upon the individual’s faith in his beliefs. In the end it all computes on the intellectual capabilities of the individual’s mind, how he can pick bits and grains from every religion and belief ,and fill his empty and talking mind. Religion is precious and we should use it as guide, rather than bending it for creating a veil for yourself and others.

                                           These are lines from a poem “Aik Alif ” written by the Punjabi Sufi poet, humanist and philosopher Bulleh Shah.

Parh parh ilm te faazil hoya 
Te kaday apnay aap nu parhya ee na

You read so many books
to know it all,
yet fail to ever read your
heart at all.

Bhaj bhaj warna ay mandir maseeti
Te kaday mann apnay wich warya ee na

You rush to holy shrines to play a part,
Would you dare enter the shrine of your heart

Larna ay roz shaitaan de naal 
Te kadi nafs apnay naal larya ee na

You are quick to attack the evil one,
yet pride is a battle you have not won.

Bulleh Shah asmaani ud-deya pharonda ay
Te jera ghar betha unoon pharya ee na

You grab for a star you can control,
yet fail to grasp the light in your soul.

Bas kareen o yaar

Let the race end, my friend

Ilm-oun bas kareen o yaar
Ik Alif teray darkaar

Stop trying to be the one who knows,
for ‘God is One’ you need to know.

Bas kareen o yaar

End the race, my friend

Allah Sayyaan Allah Sayyaan

God is All we need! God is All!

Nee main jaanaa Jogi de naal

Follow the wandering dervish!

Jo naa jaane, Haqq ki taaqat 
Rabb naa devey us ko Himmat

If you deny the power of all that’s true,
God will not grant strength to you.

Hum Mann ke darya mein doobey

Kaisi nayya? Kya manjhdhaar?

We are lost in this river of self,
no boat or streams are of any help.

Bas kareen o yaar

End the race, my friend

Ilm-oun bas kareen o yaar

Stop trying to know it all, my friend.

Allah Sayyaan Allah Sayyaan

God is All we need! God is All!

 P S :-  web source of the poem ( )

Jack of all trades is mind blogging

For the past few years, I was thinking how one can apply the skills of being jack of all trades. With many years of hit and trials, I found one domain and field where being jack of all trades is most needed, blogging. If you are a jack then you can write about every matter that is present in this universe; from space science to your wife’s smile, from sports to making a nice coffee. Living in nth dimension is far more enticing then living in a straight line.

David vs Goliath

The story of David and Goliath has been there for around centuries, and it is currently played in the holy land; but this time it is the opposite, David has become Goliath and Goliath has become David. We know it for fact but what’s the moral behind the story. The moral is inside us, there is a David and Goliath in every one of us; they are always fighting to control the holy land. The recluse in me says let’s do something good for humanity; on the other hand practicality step in and say no; you have to earn big bucks. For the last few years, a war is fought between real vs. ideals. Two powerful concepts trying to control (my mind and heart) the territory, the eternal foes bombarding with reasons, facts, trying to change the demographic of mind and heart, the physical body bearing the brunt of this. Goliath is well funded, he has resources, ego envy, success, ambition on the other had David has empathy, compassion.

                                                          How many of us have thought about doing social work, volunteer for some cause or donate for some cause, but stopped. How many of us have got influenced by the real world, realistic charms of beauty, gadgets, cars etc. There are some people who have conceded to sides either they are realists or idealist, but there are some people who are stuck in between who are yet to decide which way to go. Wisdom says realist do  things for the present, they are in a state where they think they are doing for the future generation but most probably they are not; on the other hand the idealist are seriously investing their time for the future generation. We all have to live once and instead of creating a dark forgetful history, why don’t we create a history which will be inspiring.



Being Racists

Researchers have found that if you do or follow thing for 21 days it becomes a habit. This result has encouraged many men and women to make and focus on their daily routine. It has been used by many organizations and government to force feed some divergent news to the people, making them to belief the untrue. Racism, we have learned that it was history, it happened and people suffered and it is nowhere to be seen in this modern and cultured world, a world divided into developed and developing countries, third world countries. Racism has existed throughout history, the most famous of them was of slavery; People were enslaved as property.

                                                   According to Wikipedia, Racism consists of both prejudice and discrimination based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. It often takes the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently.

                                                     Now, if you are a deep thinker you would find some intriguing facts. Many Africans were enslaved because they were physically gifted. Racism towards the colored players in sports is due to their athletic abilities. Indians and Chinese are laughed for their huge population and the reason, they have a suitable climate, they never thought of invading other countries, it is no surprise they wrote Kamasutra and sculpted extraordinaire sex positions in their leisure time. The whites are hated for their intelligence, which resulted from curiosity and curiosity was the result of harsh environment and problems, they invaded to solve their problems. And there are people ridiculing the Epicanthic fold and what not. Racism based on religion, creed and beliefs are at another level.

                                                         All this belief come from being self critical, thinking the other person is more gifted than you. Jealousy and ego maybe the byproduct of this phenomena. In general we can say that we are racists to our selves, the amount of time and money given to look beautiful or handsome has reached to cosmetic surgeries, you just don’t want to be yourself. It is an evolutionary trait and it will take hundreds of years to inverse it .but we are intellectual animals and we can solve this phenomena. To solve this we just have to love ourselves and not overdoing it with narcissism. So it turns out when you love your selves you can love others. It needs to start from the feeling that everyone is equal and no one is perfect. We have to realize that in this difference lies similarity.

how many language do we know?

Well i know c, c++, html, java to name a few, i know how to interact with computers, my mobile phone knows what i want, i am a self confessed polyglot. Polyglotism or polyglottism is the ability to master  numerous languages. The history of polyglotism is quiet complex,  Globalization and curiosity played its part, as people came into contact with one another polyglots were born. As we look back in history we see columbus, vasco da gama, genghis khan, alexander the great as agents of globalization, they brought the world closer. we as a individual, group,tribe, region, country came to know that we are not alone. We tried to learn each others languages which was mutual and with the exchange of culture, we lost some languages. Evolutionary trait of racism played its part in destroying art, culture and language.

                                                                      Internet has allowed us to know each others lives, facebook, twitter, google , we are exchanging information and knowledge in bits. We express our emotions through letters like lol, rofl , rather then feeling we are imagining emotions. We have become so artificial that we cannot read  language of emotions, faces of distress, anguish, language of loss, anger, fear.  How can we feel these languages if we become digital. We know, we see, we hear but can we feel in a virtual world.

the lost art of polymathics

People always talk about talents and abilities. It was worth wondering why certain people don’t have it , why they are not gifted, why they are not able to find that talent, that in born ability that the almighty has given him or her. Learned persons have said God has given every individual, a special gift, certain talent and ability. It has to be discovered in order to fulfill that potential of being gifted. But many people have spent half of there life trying to find that special character inside of them, which will define him or her. In course of  his journey he learns many things, he dives into many areas and he realizes that he has no specialized skill, that he is not talented. A certain saying is there “jack of all trades is master of none” to describe people who end up doing nothing, who are not outstanding, who didn’t follow any specific path as there career, they end up being in the middle of road.

                                    Recently, I came across the world polymath, a polymath is a person who has multiple interest in different subjects. If you see history many great personalities were polymath, they were not gifted in a particular area or field, like arts, science, sports, but that had the inbuilt curiosity in every filed. They were curious beings who where inclined to every aspect of thing that were happening in there surroundings. We have this new lines “jack of all trades is master of none……..but if one becomes the master jack”, a person having multiple interest , a polymath.The future belongs to people who have multiple interest in diverse subjects. The future will be driven by innovation and creativity. In every organisation people from diverse backgrounds are working together to create products for the future, where being a polymath is a talent and ability that people will wish for.

p.s – polymath don’t have a boring life.

hazaron jawabon…

“hazaron jawabon se achchi hai khamoshi meri, na jaane kitne sawalon ki aabru rakhe”

This is an urdu couplet which can be translated as “my silence is better than thousand questions, too many questions deserve the honour of silence”. Whenever any hard questions comes up, these words buzz in my head. It creates some sort of  smile, which only i can feel.